Liberty and justice for all

My more usual rant.  

Dear America: 

Wake up! On the anniversary of this nation’s founding, Mad King George is back and ready to crush our democracy. Soliciting the voting registries of the states can have no purpose except intimidation and voter suppression. Colluding with a foreign nation or at least stating that foreign interference is irrelevant sows seeds of distrust in the system of our democracy. 

 This is not about policy differences.  This is not about attempts to develop a fiscally conservative direction in federal government. This is not about a social conservative movement to limit individual liberties around sex and reproduction. 

This is not about reforming healthcare. These are important debates and policies but the conflict is being used against us.  

All of this is designed to hide the fundamental attack on our founding right to self-government.

The Mad King wants to pit us against each other so he can reign. Even his own party refuses to stand up to him for our rights. Who knows when the manipulation of policy differences began but — we the people must unite across our differences and stop this before we lose the nation of “We the People” and find ourselves in the monarchy of Donald-Bannon. 

Who does it benefit to pollute the water and air while taking away healthcare options? Who benefits from sick and impoverished masses? 

Who benefits from class warfare?  Who benefits from sending our young people overseas to fight endless and unwinable wars? 

Who benefits from pitting poor whites against poor Latinos? Who benefits from putting Christians against Muslims?  

Who benefits from the absence of a free press? Who benefits from disempowering women?

Not we the people. 

We must unite for our democracy with liberty and justice for all.

Our country needs us. We must reclaim our principles. We must reclaim America as the nation of, by, and for the people.  


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