BeverlyI’m a Southern girl who grew up to be a preacher. Yep, switched gears when my acting and film career didn’t take off and send me to Hollywood for the Oscars.

I enjoy a great symphony as much as I like Mister Rogers. I believe in the inherent goodness of all people. I like fireworks and the silence that lets me hear the trickle of a creek in a quiet wood. I try not to get stuck in one way of thinking. You’ll get to see the ways I am challenged to new thinking.

I’m a family person. I love to spend time with friends and kin. And I love a good debate. Which my family seems to be very good at doing. Sometimes more loudly than others. Don’t be surprised to find a review of our debates here. I’ll change the names to protect the guilty if necessary.

I’m learning to let go and grab hold of new things. This year, I might even try letting go of some of the treasures hidden in closets that I just thought I couldn’t throw away but haven’t seen in 5, or 10, years. And it might become a blogpost before it hits the Goodwill pile. I’m told simplifying is freeing.

That’s what I am working on–being free. Free to play, to laugh, to cry, to rage, to experience all of life that comes my way. Or that I decide to chase.

Be free. Be you. 

Peace, Beverly Friedlander Ostrowski


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